2013 – Taking five with Rose Byrne

Vogue Australia, January, 17th 2013

Rose Byrne caught up with Vogue’s Sal Morgan on her whirlwind press tour of her new film.

Vogue Australia Wearing a sleeveless Jill Stuart shift dress and finished with a swept-back bun and smoky eyes, Rose Byrne was the epitome of relaxed glamour at the premiere of her new film, I Give It a Year. “I wanted something a little summery, just chic and simple,” the Australian actress said of her plum and leather-spliced dress.

Flying in the day before the Sydney premiere, Byrne was relieved to have managed to side-step any jet lag this time around. “Normally I’m not very good on planes. This time I managed to sleep, and oh my gosh, that always helps so much,” she says, listing “pyjamas, a book, my iPhone, The New Yorker, British Vogue and a water bottle” as her travel essentials. Escaping the northern hemisphere winter, she was quick to make the most of one of her hometown’s most iconic landmarks. “As soon as I got here, I went for a swim at Bondi.”

When it comes to protecting her skin, the Cancer Council’s Sid the Seagull taught her everything she needs to know. “I’m a good Aussie girl – slip-slop-slap, I live by that!” she says, laughing. “I carry that rule around the world with me.”

I Give It a Year sees Byrne and Rafe Spall star as newlyweds exploring the trials and tribulations that occur in their first year of marriage. With the big-name producers behind beloved British films Notting Hill, Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary attached to the film, you can expect similarly zany humour and a refreshing take on the rom-com genre.

“I loved it,” she says of her experience, noting it was her great co-stars who made the project so enjoyable to film. “Rafe Spall and I really hit it off. He’s so funny and I already knew Stephen Merchant well. I got to work with Simon Baker who’s gorgeous, and Dan Mazer, our writer and director, was great.”
The movie, which was shot in London last year, hits cinemas next month – an impressively fast turnaround for a big-budget film.

“It’s come out so quickly. It’s quite surreal,” says Byrne.

Source: Vogue Australia